KC Engineering Zone Open to FRC Teams on Wednesdays

KC Engineering Zone Open to FRC Teams on Wednesdays

The KC Engineering Zone, an initiative of KC STEM Alliance, will have open hours from 2:30 – 7:30 pm on Wednesdays during build season by appointment.  The KC Engineering Zone includes machining equipment donated to KC STEM Alliance by Honeywell.  This equipment includes two Bridgeport Mills, a Hardinge Lathe, a vertical band saw, a horizontal band saw, two drill presses, a shear press, and a brake press. An area with competition carpet equivalent to a half field will also be available with team-made field pieces for this year’s game.  A workbench for hand tool work is also available.  (Power hand tools not provided)

Three urban FRC teams build at the KC Engineering Zone which was designed for STEM outreach in the urban core including FIRST Robotics.  It also serves as the home office for KC STEM Alliance and for the KC FIRST programs which are run by KC STEM Alliance.

Requirements for use of KC Engineering Zone by FRC Teams.

  1. Schedule with Laura Bauer at bauerlb@kcstem.org with approximate number of students and adults as well as time of arrival and scope of work to be done.  One adult required per 5 students.  Indicate whether this will be the first visit for the participants.
  2. Bring completed Hold Harmless forms for each participant (adult and students) on their first visit.Participants under 18 years of age require a parental signature.Form is attached.
  3. Training (depending on level of machine usage you prefer for your students):
    • A 15 minute orientation and safety quiz on your first visit.
    • A KC Engineering Zone staff member or Honeywell machinist may perform the machining with the team observing and can work with individuals to learn safe usage of the equipment such as the mill and lathe.
    • If participants would like open use of the mid level machinery on return visits, a small project taking an hour and a half will be completed.Arrive for this by 3:15 pm. A record will be kept of this training and will not be required on subsequent visits.
  4. Wear short sleeves, closed toe shoes, and tie hair back.Remove jewelry. Bring safety glasses and specialty tools, especially hand held power tools. Basic non-power tools will be provided.



Availability to teams is subject to staff availability and space availability.Scheduling for each Wednesday will be based on first request and will max out at 18 participants (max of 6 participants requiring training).

Click Here for pdf of this information.