12 Kansas City Teams Compete at FTC Missouri State Championship - 3 Qualify for Super Regionals

12 Kansas City Teams Compete at FTC Missouri State Championship - 3 Qualify for Super Regionals

The FTC Missouri State Championship was held in Rolla, Mo on Saturday, February 24th.  Despite the damp weather and the 'State of Emergency' declare by the Governor, the atmosphere at the event was festive.  The championship hosted the top 48 teams from Kansas and Missouri.  The Kansas City area was well represented with 12 teams, 175 players and coaches, and 4 volunteers.  

On the field Kansas City placed 7 teams (of the 24) on to alliances for the playoffs.  The finals in the 'T' division featured Tesla's Knights versus Team Titanium Tech.  In the 'S' division Astromechs prevailed. This setup a state championship that featured Astromechs versus Team Titanium Tech.  As one would expect with these teams, it took three games to decide a winner, but the Astromechs alliance prevailed.

In addition to 'on the field' play the Kansas City teams did well in several awards categories:

  • Compass Award - 3rd Place - Glenn Crocker (Cobalt Colts - Blue Valley CAPS High School)
  • Promote Award - 3rd place - Cobalt Colts
  • Control Award - 3rd Place - Team Chargers (Heritage Christian Academy)
  • Motivate Award - 2nd Place - Astromechs  (Kansas City Robotics Foundation, Parkville, MO Team)
  • Innovate Award - 2nd Place - Astromechs
  • Innovate Award - 1st place - Team Titanium Tech  (Lee's Summit West High School)
  • Connect Award - 2nd Place - Cobalt Colts
  • Think Award - 1st Place - Cobalt Colts
  • Finalist in 'T' Division - Tesla's Knights  (North KC MO Community Team)
  • Finalist State Championship - Team Titanium Tech
  • Missouri State Championship Winning Alliance - Astromechs
  • Dean's List Finalists - Elijah Cook (Team Titanium Tech)
  • Inspire Award - 1st Place - Astromechs

Teams advancing to Super Regionals:

  • Astromechs
  • Cobalt Colts

Team Titanium Tech also qualified to advance but declined the invitation.

For full results, go to http://moftcscores.net/relic-recovery/event/sc