Lee's Summit R7 Alliance Open Field Event

Saturday, February 16, 2019
9 am - 3 pm
Lee Summit High School
400 SE Blue Parkway
64063 Lee's Summit , MO
Missouri US

The R7 Alliance (1730, 1986, and 1987) is excited to announce our 8th annual scrimmage event on Saturday February 16th from 9 am - 3 pm! Location is Lee's Summit High School B gym. Entrance is on Browning St on the west side of campus.


We plan to have inspectors from the Kansas City Regional on hand for any teams that want to go through a mock inspection before the actual event.


We are asking that teams bring their own extension cord/power strip to charge their batteries and as many game pieces as possible so that we may be able to simulate matches on the field. (Please label these game pieces with your team number!!!) Teams should also bring any tools you may need as there will not be a tool shop available. We have been asked to make sure that teams do not drive robots on the uncarpeted areas of the gym floor to avoid making marks.  


Field Access: Matches will run every 15 minutes beginning at 9:30 am, with a total of 10 minutes of field access for teams. For the first two and a half minutes, a match timer will run for teams to practice sandstorm and match timing. Teams can use the remainder of the 10 minutes of field time for any additional testing.


The LSR7 Alliance has field elements for half a field. Markings will be made to represent these elements on the other half of the field.  If your team has field elements that could be borrowed for the event, please let me know.  


Concessions: We plan to have donuts and coffee for breakfast, and nachos and hot dog meals for lunch along with typical snacks. We will provide a menu with pricing to any teams attending.


We appreciate your continued support of these concessions to continue to fund the elements for use at the scrimmage.


If you are planning to attend, please RSVP at https://goo.gl/forms/Or1aWhZVabjyr0zz2


If you have any questions, contact hillary.griffith@lsr7.net.