Cow Town ThrowDown Day 2 (off season FRC event)

Saturday, October 28, 2017
Team Check in - 7:30 am Opening Ceremonies- 8:15 am Matches over approx- 4 pm
Lee Summit High School
400 SE Blue Parkway
64063 Lee's Summit , MO
Missouri US

Come watch or compete in a two day competition for FIRST Robotics Competition starting Friday afternoon.  FIRST Robotics Competition teams from the Kansas City area and beyond compete one last time with Steamworks - the 2017 game. Finals are Saturday afternoon.  Also Saturday, FIRST teams will participate in a rumble for FIRST LEGO League with the newly released FLL challenge of HydroDynamics.  Teams will perform their robot missions in a tournament-like setting with scoring, reffing, and announcing the game.  A rumble consists of the table game component and does not include project, robot, or core values judging.  Also going on Saturday, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will participate in an official FTC Match.  An FTC match is a a robot game only tournament that feeds in to the FTC Conference Qualifier.

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